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Tone Heroes Aluma Captain Humbucker

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Aluma Captain stands tall and true with its chrome and blue. The Tone Heroes true identity is revealed as the Lace Alumitone humbuckers. They have the same broadband frequency response and innovative design all in a lightweight, form-meets-function package. When bad vibes threaten your mojo only a Tone Hero can swoop in to save the day, get the girl and punch evil tone in the dick! Now you can sound and look heroic with the Tone Hero Boutique Series pickups from Lace.


Position: neck, bridge

  • Resistance: 3.4k
  • Peak frequency: 2343
  • Inductance: 1.4 henries
High Output Version
  • Resistance: 5.0k
  • Peak frequency: 2343
  • Inductance: 1.4 henries