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LACE® Custom Shop Batmobile (Black/Orange/Black) Loaded Pickguard

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The LACE® Custom Shop Batmobile (Black/Orange/Black) loaded pickguard will fit Strat style guitars and features a Lace Sensor Red/Silver Dually pickup in bridge and a LACE Sensor® Purple/Emerald Dually in the neck position. Pre-wired for “Dually” mode (front coil/both coils/rear coil) this versatile beauty comes equipped with a 3-way toggle selector, two mini toggle switches, 250k Alpha pots and Military Aircraft style wiring that provides extra shielding and grounding, while making the pickguard highly resistant to failure caused by vibrations. With both pickups each providing three tones in one, the sonic possibilities will seem endless.


Red/Silver Dually®- Perfect for the bridge position when fat, punchy humbucking output is required.

  • LACE Sensor® Red: The hottest output of our Sensor Series. Perfect for the bridge position when fat, punch humbucking output is required. If heat is what you crave, Red is what you need. ~ 14.5k 
  • Lace Sensor Silver: A fat 70's single coil sound with slightly increased output and more midrange than our Gold Sensors. This is the ultimate middle position pickup ~ 7.1k

Red/Silver Dually®

  • Position: Bridge
  • Resistance: 22.2k
  • Peak Frequency: 1570
  • Inductance: 10.6 henries

Purple/Emerald Dually®- Rich and complex body, with a sweet & defined midrange

  • LACE Sensor® Purple: Hot overwound single coil tone. A cross between our Burgundy and Blue Sensor. Designed for bridge position and produces a P-90-type tone when used in the neck.  ~ 10.5k 
  • Lace Sensor® Emerald: Get that Texas-inspired tone and twang done right… without the all that noise! Excellent for all Country applications, and really sings in the neck position. ~ 5.7k

Purple/Emerald Dually®

  • Position: Neck
  • Resistance: 16.9k
  • Peak Frequency: 3000 Hz
  • Inductance: 8.3 henries