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Robert Randolph's Steel King for 12 String Pedal Steel

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Robert Randolph the "King of Steel™" unleashes his new Lace Alumitone© "Steel King™" pickup for Pedal Steel guitars. As the voice of pedal steel everywhere from his home in New Jersey to Crossroads with Eric Clapton, Bonnaroo, Austin City Limits and the New Orleans Jazz Festival, Robert has created his signature sound with the Steel King™. Broad band response captures all the nuances that the pedal steel creates without the need for an active pickup system or additional sound reinforcement.

Absolute noise free operation with more tone than you ever heard before from your pedal steel! Revolutionary pickup design like no other pickup seen on a pedal steel allows easy installation. Cool chrome look adds a visual improvement as well as sonic improvement! From 280 days a year on the road. Robert Randolph demands and has created the finest pickup available today for your pedal steel.