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Lace Guitar Pick Ups -Lace Music Products

Lace Sensor "Visionary" Dually Humbucker

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Lace Dually Visionary Boutique Humbucker

We're proud to present to you the Lace Boutique Series Visionary pickup! Behind the opulence is our legendary flagship, the Lace Gold Dually Humbucker. Widely lauded since 1985, Lace Gold Sensors have been the tonal mother lode for Beck, Clapton and many others seeking its aural ecstasies. See with your own eyes, the pioneering vision of Micro Combs and the Radiant Field Barrier System that combine to give our sensor design 36 separate fields with which to sample string vibration. For tone that simmers, and look that glimmers - go for the gold!


Lace Dually Visionary

Position: neck, bridge
Resistance: 12.1k
Peak frequency: 2600
Inductance: 4.9 henries