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LACE® Custom Shop Tele Plus JG  Loaded Pickguard

LACE® Custom Shop Tele Plus JG Loaded Pickguard

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The Lace® Custom Shop Tele Plus JG (available in white and black) Loaded Pickguard will fit most Telecaster style guitars. This elegant pickguard features the same Lace® Sensor Blue single coil pickup as the original Fender Tele Plus guitars. It is paired with the Lace® Dually T-Plus Humbucker and chrome mounting ring for the bridge position.


Pre-wired for Dually Mode (front coil/both coils/rear coil), this power package is available with a 250k Alpha pots mounted on a chrome Tele control plate. Electronics are wired Military Aircraft style to provide extra shielding and grounding, while making the pickguard highly resistant to failure caused by vibrations.


Red/Red Dually- For screaming solos and in your face heavy riffs, this is the hottest pickup we produce.

  • Position: Bridge
  • Resistance 30.0k
  • Peak Frequency: 1450 Hz
  • Inductance: 14.8 henries


  • Lace® Sensor Red: The hottest output of our Sensor Series. Perfect for the bridge position when fat, punch humbucking output is required- 14.5k
  • Lace® Sensor Blue: Slightly increased output with the warmer 50's humbucking sounding a single coil configuration- 12.8k