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Lace Guitar Pick Ups -Lace Music Products

Drop & Gain Mini Humbucker Set

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The is the industry's first mini humbucking pickup that has been designed specifically for the drop "D" tunings and ultra high gain rock, metal and hardcore. A totally re-designed pickup to help solve the common complaints of muddy and mushy tones, loss of single note articulation, while enhancing the guitar's own unique personality.

The Drop & Gain pickup set is specifically designed for use with heavy, high-gain music that requires drop tunings. A common complaint amongst the more discerning of these pitch punishing pioneers is that the low end definition gets lost. So in-house tone wizard, Jeff Lace ciphered an industry-first solution. Create a low noise humbucker with discreet coil functions-one to drive output and the other to pull out articulation. The result is all the punch, crunch, sustain and fast articulation a metal music fiend could ever want! The neck pup features a fat, over wound tone that's guaranteed to put a joker-sized smile on the devil himself. Bring the pain with the Drop & Gain!

Position: neck
Resistance: 13.5k
Peak Frequency: 2260
Inductance: 6.5 henries

Position: bridge
Resistance: 24k
Peak Frequency: 2260
Inductance: 6.5 henries