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Lace Guitar Pick Ups -Lace Music Products

Chrome Burners

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NEW! Designed in the Lace Research and Development Labs® in Southern California, Master Chief Engineer Jeff Lace introduces the next innovation and evolutionary step in single coil tone and performance combined with aesthetics. 

The Chrome Burners™ are a special edition of our much-loved Chrome Dome™ pickups each hand torched by Jeff Lace. These babies exemplify the sweet rounded tones of our Chrome Domes, but we cranked up the heat to a new level of awesome. The Neck position is a souped up version of our Gold Sensor with all new hotter magnets, the Mid position is an RWRP (Reverse Wound Reverse Polarity) version of our Gold sensor making it a touch quieter for positions 2 & 4, and the Bridge is our distinctive Blue Sensor. This is undoubtedly the perfect set up for any electric guitar player with a single coil build.

The unique Chrome Burner™  cover moves the initial attack peak frequency down, creating a more a prominent midrange presence which provides for a richer tone.

They will fit into any Strat S/S/S style pickguard and give you that traditional Strat tone you grew up loving, and shredding air guitar to. Make that indelible and unforgettable Lace Sensor tone yours to command with the Chrome Burners™!

Position Resistance
Neck 6.0K
Mid 6.0K
Bridge 12.8K