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Aluma Stealth Bass Soap Bar 5

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Lace Aluma Stealth Bass Soap Bar 5

Extended range for Bass! The new Alumitone® Aluma Stealth Bass Soap Bar was designed by Jeff Lace to enhance and replace, as an upgrade to bass guitars using conventional size soap bar pickups. Aluma Stealth Bass Soap Bars come in three different sizes to accommodate four, five and six string bass guitar. Models available are Aluma Stealth Bass Soap Bar 4, Aluma Stealth Bass Soap Bar 5, and Aluma Stealth Bass Soap Bar 6 respectively. All Aluma Stealth Bass Soap Bar pickups feature zero noise, ultra wide frequency response and light weight design. 

A reduction of up to two pounds of weight can be achieved by replacing conventional style pickups with this new technology without any modification to the guitar itself. These "current driven" pickups are designed for passive installation. However, due to their low resistance, they will not only work with existing preamp technology but will enhance the sonic range of it, as well. Formally introduced for Earth Day, the revolutionary Aluma and Alumitone® family of bass pickups use 95% less copper wire then standard bass pickup designs.

By reducing the need for copper it saves valuable resources, reduces open pit mining and the very high energy need for converting copper ore to fine wire. Alumitone® Aluma Stealth technology uses patented and patent pending technology only available thru Lace Music Products. Available in Black only.