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Lace Guitar Pick Ups -Lace Music Products

Lace Sensor Ultimate Triple Loaded Pickguard- - B-Pickguard/W-Pickups

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The Lace Sensor® Ultimate Triple™ Pickguard comes in an S/S/S configuration. The included Blue, Silver, and Red single coil pickups allow you more versatility than just about any other S/S/S loaded pickguard on the market; increasing your range, and perfecting your tone. This set up is perfectly at home in any style of music from Rock to Blues, or even Jazz. Lace Pickups® were exclusively used in Fender® guitars for years, a testament to their great quality and legendary tone.

Lace® Loaded Pickguards are all hand built in America at our factory in California. They arrive to you pre-wired with top quality components installed in a 3-ply pickguard. Includes a volume knob, two tone knobs and a 5 channel switch. Specifically designed to easily drop right in to your Strat® and connect with only 2 wires. Get rockin'!

 Lace® Loaded pickguard features:

  • 3 ply Pickguard available in Black or White
  • 5 Way Switch
  • 250k pots
  • Strat®-Style Knobs
  • Drop-in installation - 2 wire hookup
  • Lace Sensor Gold: A classic 50's Style single coil sound with a classy bell tone- 5.8k
  • Lace Sensor Silver: A fat 70's single coil sound with increased output and more midrange. The ultimate middle position pickup- 7.1k
  • Lace Sensor Light Blue: Warm, punchy, Jazz Blues neck pickup, or thicker, middle and bridge tone- 8.0k
  • Lace Sensor Burgundy: Recommended as Bridge pickup for slightly fatter tone- 8.9k
  • Lace Sensor BlueSlightly increased output with the warmer 50's humbucking sounding a single coil configuration- 12.8k
  • Lace Sensor Red: The hottest output of our Sensor Series. Perfect for the bridge position when fat, punch humbucking output is required- 14.5k 
  • Lace Sensor Emerald: That Texas-inspired tone without the noise! All you want for that style of music! – 5.7k
  • Lace Sensor PurpleHot overwound single coil tone, between a Burgundy and Blue Sensor. Designed for bridge or a P-90-type tone in the neck – 10.5k 
  • Lace Sensor Hot Gold: A modern take on 60's vintage classic sound with a full bottom end, singing midrange, & high-end sparkle- 6.0k neck/13.2. bridge