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Lace Guitar Pick Ups -Lace Music Products
Lace Guitar Pick Ups -Lace Music Products
Lace Guitar Pick Ups -Lace Music Products
Lace Guitar Pick Ups -Lace Music Products
Lace Guitar Pick Ups -Lace Music Products
Electric Cigar Box Guitar Big Wolf 4 String

Electric Cigar Box Guitar Big Wolf 4 String

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The Legendary Lace Cigar Box Guitars have returned to stock, and are ready to rock.

Available in 3 or 4 string configurations, these fun and easy to play instruments are an amazing addition to any musician’s arsenal.

Some have said it’s impossible to play a Lace Cigar Box Guitar without a huge grin on your face. We can’t confirm or deny this, but we also can’t think of another instrument that’s brought as much joy to as many people at this price point.

Why wait? Grab yours today before they’re all gone!


The Lace™ Cigar Box Guitar has a fresh sound, designed for ease of playability delivering Rock, Alternative, Country, Blues or Jazz music on both the three or four string boxes.   

The Matchbook™ is the first patented pickup designed specifically for the Cigar Box Guitar using Lace’s™ Alumitone® “Current Driven” design. The Matchbook™ is designed to resemble an actual Matchbook with the one magnet featured as the “striker”.

The collection of Lace™ Cigar Box Guitars maintain our hand built approach to building the Cigar box and neck using high quality materials like mahogany, a double truss Hard Rock Maple neck for stability.

The bridge is a steel plate design offering 20mm of adjustability allowing for perfect intonation of each string. The Tuners are open gear type reminiscent of classic vintage instruments and sport a 14:1 gear ratio.  

Hardware:        Chrome
Head Stock Face:    Lace
Neck Back:        Natural
Body Back:        Clear Coat Satin
Body Top:        Clear Coat Satin

Head Machine:    2R/2L Open Gear Butter Button
String:            E-.010, B-.014, G-.028, D-.036
Logo:            Lace Metal Badge

Top Nut:        38.1 3T Bone
Material:        Canadian Hard Rock Maple Split
Thickness Dim:    25.4mm Throughout
F/B Material:        Maple
Width Dim:        38.1mm Throughout    
Side PM:        Dot 1.5mm Black
Fret Wire:        20 Fret Wire 2* 1.0
Truss Rod:        Double Adjustable
Scale & Fret        24.75” (628mm) 20F
Neck Joint:        Bolt on at 21st Fret

Material Top:        Pressboard
Top Veneer:        Mahogony Ply
Material Back:    Mahogony Ply
Back & Side Veneer:    Mahogony Ply
Bridge Tailpiece:    CBG-4 Chrome Hard Tail
End Pin (Felt):    2EA Chrome
Corners:        8 each Metal Chrome

Controls:        1 Volume (Push/Pull Coil Tap)
Pickup:        Lace Matchbook Sensor
Coil Tap Switch:    As above (Push/Pull)
Volume Pot:        250k
Volume Knob:        Metal Chrome Dome
Jack/Cover:        1/4” Standard Input