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Lace Guitar Pick Ups -Lace Music Products

Mando-Lace Passive Mandolin Pickup

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Using their experience with other passive Lace Sensors for rising interest in acoustic and Americana instruments, Lace turned to the Mandolin, an instrument with few options when it comes to pickups and amplification. This new pickup features patented Lace technology to bring out the most authentic reproduction of the strings through a passive magnetic pickup.

Competitor Mandolin pickups are, for the most part, active designs and are difficult to install. Feedback and unnatural tones are also a common problems associated with the current types of pickups available today for Mandolin players.

The so-named Mando-Lace pickup, needs no batteries or other equipment for installation. In fact, the installation is simple, takes only minutes, and has the ability to be removed just as fast.