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Lace Sensor T-100 Tele Neck - Single Coil Pickup
Lace Sensor T-100 Tele Neck - Single Coil Pickup
Lace Sensor T-100 Tele Neck - Single Coil Pickup
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Lace Sensor T-100 Tele Neck - Single Coil Pickup

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Tele Twang without the noise!
This guitar pickup delivers the vintage Tele vibe and twang, without the noise commonly associated with it. Smooth attack, glassy warmth with full sweet sustain and thick, fat neck character.
The Lace Sensor T100 pickups take off where traditional pickup tech stops. Utilizing the Sensor technology (Micro Matrix Combs and Barium Ferrite magnets), these pickups have all the sonic heart and soul of the vintage classics, but with more power, and of course, no noise.

Now available in High Output Configuration! This is the same sized Tele Neck pickup with our Blue Sensor winding! This set up is the legendary sound that's engrained into the mythos of perfect Tele tone that we all grew up loving! 

Music Styles: Rock, Country, R&B, Jazz, Fusion
Think: Tom Petty, Andy Summers, Page, Mike Stern, Roy Buchanan, Danny Gatton.
Sound: Smooth attack, glassy warmth, & full sweet sustain. Traditional tone & clarity without the noise


  • Lace Sensor Gold: A classic 50's Style single coil sound with a classic bell tone. Well rounded; and good for any position or style. This is the one that started it all! ~ 5.8k
  • Lace Sensor Silver: A fat 70's single coil sound with slightly increased output and more midrange than our Gold Sensors. This is the ultimate middle position pickup ~ 7.1k
  • Lace Sensor Light Blue: Warm & Punchy. This Sensor is best suited as a Jazz & Blues neck pickup; or for thicker tone, use it as a middle, or bridge.  ~ 8.0k
  • Lace Sensor Burgundy: Stay classy with this Sensor. We recommend it for the Bridge position due to its slightly fatter tone over our regular Sensors. ~ 8.9k
  • Lace Sensor Blue: Increased output from our standard Sensors, with a warmer 50's humbucking sound in a single coil configuration. Equally at home in Jazz, or Rock applications in a neck or bridge position. ~ 12.8k
  • Lace Sensor Red: The hottest output of our Sensor Series. Perfect for the bridge position when fat, punch humbucking output is required. If heat is what you crave, Red is what you need. ~ 14.5k 
  • Lace Sensor Emerald: Get that Texas-inspired tone and twang done right… without the all that noise! Excellent for all Country applications, and really sings in the neck position. ~ 5.7k
  • Lace Sensor Purple: Hot overwound single coil tone. A cross between our Burgundy and Blue Sensor. Designed for bridge position and produces a P-90-type tone when used in the neck.  ~ 10.5k 
  • Lace Sensor Hot Gold: A modern take on 60's vintage classic sound with a full bottom end, singing midrange, & high-end sparkle. Offered in a neck/mid, or a hot bridge variation ~ 6.0k neck/mid, 13.2. Bridge.