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Lace Sensor Dually T Plus Humbucker

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Lace Dually T-Plus Humbucker

Did you miss your chance to lasso a Fender Tele-Plus when they came out? Fear not-Lace is now offering the key ingredient in our Boutique Series. It's called the Dually T-Plus! It features the same Lace Red/Red Dually with chrome trim-ring that was loaded onto the original Fender hot-rodded Tele-Plus. These sexy soul mates paired together once again make your kinky fantasy of retro-fitting your Tele into a Tele-Plus a reality. Go from twang to 'tang with the Lace Dually T-Plus!


Position: bridge
Resistance: 30.5k
Peak frequency: 1450
Inductance: 14.8 henries