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Alumitone SC8 Single Coil Pickup

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The first pickup from this century. Huge top and bottom end. Huge passive design. Cool looks. Now made to fit your 7 & 8 string guitars for that extended-range bite and growl.

This radical departure from pickup design is aluminum based, rather than copper. Result: less resistance, higher output coupled to a "current driven design" as opposed to conventional voltage based pickups.

The aluminum water jet cut exoskeleton is then matted to a micro winding using 90% less fine copper wire, a low impedance/high impedance pickup is then created.

More bass then traditional single coils, more volume, mids are slightly more then conventional pickups. Highs are clear yet smooth, nicely equalized.

Pickguard Note: Alumitones require a rectangular cutout, simple modification is usually required.

  • Position: neck, mid, bridge
  • Resistance: 2.4k
  • Peak frequency: 1980 Hz
  • Inductance: 3.1 henries
Pickguard opening - 3.480" x .750" R.080". 2x screw holes .152" dia centered on 3.754"
Body route - 4.060" x .750" full radius