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D3™ Signature Sabertooth™ Humbucker - Chrome

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“Better Tone for a Better Purpose” ™

Conceived from the mythos of one of California’s most legendary and ferocious predators, and the remarkable award-winning tone of Lace Sensor® equipped guitars, The Sabertooth™ Humbucker is ready for anything.

Bright highs give way to brutal attack, with smooth midrange and balanced lows; resulting in dynamic articulation and powerful tone. These kitties are even splittable, so you can have single coil tone when you need it without a drop in output, and big body humbucking strength at your fingertips.

Only Lace® can offer you technology that eviscerates the hum, roars with sustain, strikes incredible tone, and will never run out of batteries. Make the power of this predator yours to command! 

D3™ Sabertooth™ Humbuckers are available in bridge, neck, and sets. Finishes include Chrome, Extreme Gold Plate, and Black Crinkle Coat “microphone spec” Powder Coated finish. 

Specs Resistance Inductance
Neck 12.7k  Ω 6.20 H
Bridge 16.9k  Ω 7.31 H



On a personal note: The D3 Series™ of pickups were launched in honor of my son Donnie Lace III, our Special Products Manager who passed in late 2018. A significant portion of all sales in the D3 Series of pickups go to fund™, a nonprofit dedicated to those who have lost a loved one due to the Opioid Crisis in America. Solace For Hope™ is a (501)(3)(c) foundation, helped and co-founded by his Uncle Jeff Lace, and myself in memory of Donnie Lace III.