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Lace SteamPunk Nitro-Hemi Set

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Lace SteamPunk Nitro-Hemi Set

The Lace Boutique Series Steampunk pickup set features our modern Nitro Hemi tone design with a retro Jules Verne inspired, machine-turned brass cover. This cultural collision is guaranteed to turn heads and raise temperatures! Our Nitro Hemis are at the heart of this mechanical malfluence... delivering the aggressive tone that’s required of today's terrorizing tunes. Embrace the arcane with Steampunk by Lace!


Steampunk Nitro Hemi Neck

Resistance: 15.8k
Peak Frequency: 2750
Inductance: 3.5 henries
Steampunk Nitro Hemi Bridge
Resistance: 19.0k
Peak Frequency: 2600
Inductance: 4.6 henries