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Aluma P-90

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The Aluma 90 and Aluma 90 Riffian are a direct drop in replacements for P90 pickups. They feature all the growl, depth and sparkle P90s are known for, without the infamous noise issues.

The design is aluminum based, rather than copper like traditional pickups. The result is a virtually noiseless, current driven pickup with less resistance but higher output, making it more sonically efficient than conventional voltage based pickups. Its wide frequency range provides more bass and mids than traditional single coils, while the highs are silky and clear.

With clean amp settings the Alumitones are creamy, and overdriving them only enhances their performance. Whether live or in the studio, they cut through the mix and excel where most single coils start to run off. The nucleus of the Alumitone pickup is the micro winding housed beneath the aluminum exoskeleton. With our ever growing concern for the environment, we are able to use 90% less copper wire on these pickups, resulting in an ultra light weight, low impedance, high performance pickup.

Think: Leslie West, early Carlos Santana, Freddie King, Mick Jones
Sound: A modern take on classic P-90 tone, without the noise. High Def TV for your ears