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Lace® Secret Society Custom Alumitone® Loaded Pickguard

Lace® Secret Society Custom Alumitone® Loaded Pickguard

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The Lace® Secret Society Custom Alumitone® Loaded Pickguard was produced from a breakthrough in graphics printing tech from the Lace R&D lab. This makes for a seamless look of Lace vintage style artwork that blends perfectly with your axe. The outstanding Secret Society artwork was originally exclusive to our legendary line of Electric Cigar Box Guitars, but is now available on a Stratocaster style HH pickguard. This Pickguard not only looks the part, it plays the part too. You'll have the unbelievable and revolutionary tone of the Lace Alumitone Humbuckers at your command. Welcome to the Secret Society. 

The Lace® Secret Society Custom Loaded Alumitone® Pickguard will drop into any Strat style guitar with an HH route, or a swimming pool route. It features Alumitone® Humbucker pickups. This pickguard comes equipped with a 3-way toggle switch, 250k Alpha pots and Military Aircraft style wiring that provides extra shielding and grounding, while making the pickguard highly resistant to failure caused by vibrations.

The Lace® Alumitones® are the next generation of Humbuckers for Electric Guitar and the first totally modern electric guitar pickup of this century. They feature noiseless operation, dead quiet standby, rich deep bass, unparalleled clear high tones, and piano-like acoustic response. And best of all? No batteries required.

Nothing comes close to this perfection.


Alumitone® Humbucker- The next generation of Humbucker pickups for the Electric Guitar

  • Position: neck/bridge
  • Resistance: 3.4k current driven output. Perceived output: +/-10.5k
  • Q Peak frequency: 2343Hz
  • Inductance: 1.4 henries