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Alumitone Custom Loaded Pickguard
Alumitone Custom Loaded Pickguard

Alumitone Custom Loaded Pickguard

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Experience the beauty of the Alumitone Custom Loaded Pickguard, designed for adventurers who dare to take their sound further. Unleash powerful tone with astonishing clarity and articulation like never before… all in an easy to install package. Be the envy of other guitarists with one of the best loaded pickguards on the market – beautiful, powerful and affordable. So, what are you waiting for? Make the jump today!


 *Pickguard is pre-cut to accept Alumitone Pickups*


Alumitone® Single coil- Bold, powerful and aggressive tone that cuts through in any setting

  • Position: neck, mid, bridge
  • Resistance: 2.5k current driven output. Perceived output: +/-7.5k
  • Q Peak Frequency: 2343 Hz
  • Inductance: 3.0 henries