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D3™ Signature D'Agitator™ Humbucker - Extreme Gold Plate

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“Better Tone for a Better Purpose” ™

D’Agitators™ are a “flame of metal” which will raze everything in its path and elevate your sonic level from a full metal attitude to a mass riot. They are aggressive, deep, and devoted. While they are true silent at rest, they are capable of injecting vigor and passion into every note you play. The D’Agitators™ offer a new and enhanced look at one of our classics, the legendary Hemi Humbucker™, while paying homage to Donnie Lace III, who loved the music those humbuckers helped to create.

Passive in design, the D’Agitators™ require no active electronics, circuit boards, or batteries. This metallic Molotov Cocktail of pure tone can be split into single coil mode without any loss of output level or noise increase. Only Lace® offers this patented magnetic design in the electric guitar world of wire and magnets.

Think: Death Metal, Progressive Metal, Groove Metal, Psychedelic Metal, and Stoner Metal. Sonically, the D’Agitators were influenced by bands like Graveyard, Baroness, Mastodon, and Gojira.

Specs Resistance Inductance
NECK 14.4k Ω 6.43 H
BRIDGE 18.8k Ω 8.54 H

On a personal note: The D3 Series™ of pickups were launched in honor of my son Donnie Lace III, our Special Products Manager who passed in late 2018. A significant portion of all sales in the D3 Series of pickups go to fund™, a nonprofit dedicated to those who have lost a loved one due to the Opioid Crisis in America. Solace For Hope™ is a (501)(3)(c) foundation, helped and co-founded by his Uncle Jeff Lace, and myself in memory of Donnie Lace III.