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High Value “Powered by Lace®” Humbucker

Tres HombreThe “Powered by Lace®” humbucker which has received great reviews from Guitar World is now available with a black trim ring as well as it’s trademark red trim ring.

Giving all the value for the player, the Powered by Lace® humbucker is the only cost effective humbucker to offer a trim ring as a standard at no cost addition. High performance, great humbucker tone with added value is the mandate from the conventional designed pickup of Jeff Lace at Lace Music Products.

“As one of the best entry value sounding guitars that we have heard”- Guitar World, the humbucker stands alone in performance and value for the player who desires to upgrade his guitar with a high value pickup.

Powered by Lace® Humbuckers are standard in the new Wave guitar by RKS guitars. Original equipment found in our own Huntington guitars.

Powered by Lace pickups are available in black with the logo branded on the lower right side of the bottom coil.
High Value Suggested Retail pricing $39.95

SKU # 08070
Neck – 9.4k
Bridge – 10.4k

High Value Suggested Retail- $39.95 each


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