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    Lace Introduces New Mandolin Pickup - The Mando-Lace


    Cypress, California; Lace Music Products is proud to present its latest pickup offering, the Mando-Lace, a passive easy to install pickup for mandolins.

    With experience with other passive Lace Sensors for rising interest in acoustic Americana instruments, Lace turned to the Mandolin, an instrument with few options when it comes to pickups and amplification. This new pickup, features patented Lace technology, to bring out the most authentic reproduction of the strings thru a magnetic pickup. Whereas alternative pickups for the most part are active in design and have an inherent difficult time in installation.

    Feedback and unnatural sound is also a common problem associated with the current types of pickups available today for Mandolin players. The Mando-Lace pickup needs no batteries or other equipment to get installed. In fact, the simple installation takes only minutes and has the ability to be removed just as fast. A simple holding plate is sandwiched between the saddle and the bridge, placement of the actual pickup just above the bridge. The patented Lace designed "compression magnetics" allows very accurate string-to-string output with excellent balance. Organic cork pads on the pickup then make a positive contact with the surface of the mandolin for ultra-secure placement. A heavy duty coax cable with a strap pin loop secures the cable while a high quality female jack is standard.

    The design, is simple, pure and elegant without degrading the playability of the mandolin. Output level is excellent and has a very high feedback threshold.

    Adding to the bullet proof design is the fact that it can be used with effects such as reverb or chorus.

    The Suggested retail is $149.99, Street Price is $ 99.99

    Lace Pickups has been building pickups for all types of guitars and instruments since 1979.


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